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Hey guys, check out my personal blog! I wanted to create a space aside from this blog to post some other stuff that I like and find beautiful. 

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Hey guys! I just wanted to let you guys know that I haven’t disappeared nor am I forgetting about this blog. Over the past weekend, I have been moving in to my new apartment. We do not have WiFi yet which hinders me from posting. Once the WiFi is set up, I will be back to blogging everyday!

Sorry to those of you who like seeing me on your dash everyday. I should be back by the end of the week.

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Can’t wait to see Datsik for the third time this month.
I’ll be at the Richmond, Va show!
If you’re going, let me know?

Basslights - Hampton, VA!

If you’re going to Basslights in Hampton, send me a message. Maybe we can meet up or something? Maybe hang out after the show? Just let me know. I’d love to meet as many of you as I can. ♥

My general feelings towards EDM

So, I was checking out Ultra’s lineup for 2014 and in my moment of awe, I started to watch the 2013 Relive Aftermovie. Every time I watch an Ultra aftermovie, I get this overwhelming sense of happiness. The movies really depict what electronic dance music does for people. They depict the smallest moments that make me cry. Ah, enough about Ultra, I’m sure we’ll be talking about that later. Lets talk about what electronic dance music has done for me and the ways it has made me feel. EDM has showed me a light, a way out. EDM has showed me that dreams do come true, people can come together peacefully, beautiful memories can be made, and music can have enormous amounts of power. 

When I first started listening to electronic music back in sixth grade, I listened to stuff like Daft Punk, Danger, and deadmau5. I thought it was pretty cool, the sounds took me on an adventure. I saw EDM as a way to take adventures in to music. At the time, it was ALL about the music. I was very in to indie, hardcore, and pop-punk as I grew up and EDM was just another genre that I enjoyed from time to time. As time progressed, I was going to a lot of hardcore shows, getting hurt, and wishing I could leave. I finally went to see Skrillex in October of 2011. The show was overall a disappointment. Yes, I LOVE Skrillex but the crowd was awful and it killed my vibe. After that, I began to feel like all raves would be the same way. It wasn’t until I went to see Aoki in February 2012 that I realized I was in love. I realized that I could dance for hours and make a fool of myself and nobody would judge me. I realized so much more about EDM than I had before. I realized that there is a culture behind this huge genre. It was almost like an instant transformation. From then on, I tried so hard to be at every club show, or large event I could. I met people, I saw artists that I had always idolized, I discovered new sub-genres, I formed great friendships, and most of all, I fell in love with it all. 

EDM has the power to bring out my deepest emotions. It is almost like I’ve given myself to the music. There are close friends of mine who don’t have access to my deepest emotions but this music does. This music has allowed me to open my heart and I have let it in. I never want to let it go. I will live my entire life appreciating dance music and sharing my love with everyone. 

Peace. Love. Unity. Respect. ♥

There’s some rad events for all of you east coast ravers to check out in the coming months. I’ll be posting more soon. Hope you guys can make it out to some of these! 


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